seasons:: winter transition

i've been trying to organize my artistic and domestic priorities now that i am cultivating this new little life, one that we are ever-so-grateful for.

the purpose of this blog, and the balance of my zillion art & creative & business ideas. which ones are the best for this, and will i have time for that. what will this turn into, what do I want that to be? whats best for me, my family, our future. it's all in that little word... future. and we all know how absolutely ridiculous that is.

goal setting is great, and to-do lists can be helpful, but only if they're allowed to wax and wane, ebb and flow in my mind, and take different forms in everyday life. allowing our "focuses" to change, and embrace them when they do.

for me, it doesn't really work like, "write down what you want to accomplish and just go do it."

it works more like, "if you are strong enough to let this simmer, to let yourself wander, it'll happen."

when we fight that, it's all wrong. and then maybe it happens in a different way than we expected, but isn't that the best? meanwhile, we were doing things all along to entertain that. without even noticing. we need credit for that. from ourselves and only ourselves.

there is a bigger picture that we can't always lay out on paper or act upon. i don't have to draw such a hard line in the sand. neither do you.

i am a lot of things. i will always be creating, with too many ideas to act on. this blog is an outlet for that creative feeling, no matter in what form. and a tool for me to get wherever's next. 

we don't have to know what we're doing. or categorize it. or say it out loud to someone. it will change, all the time, around our guts. we can be worried or feel bad about it for a minute, but that too will pass and become something else.

i write all of this because i need a constant note-to-self about it! (but then sometimes, all i can wonder about is my belly, all i want is a glass of cold milk, and all that matters is laughing at jay's funny dances, anyway.)

how do you remind yourself of these moments of clarity?

winter on, my friends. happy last day of november!

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Feel so Close by Calvin Harris on Grooveshark

"meditate by emptying yourself, and letting the universe fill you."
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