Wednesday (On Thursday)

I am happy to introduce to you the second of the two videos I made with indiefair at the end of the summer. This piece is called "Wednesday", available here, and watchable in time-lapse fashion, here on my website, and below:

what do you think? 


two new

two new pieces available in my etsy shop, including this piece if you missed it, and these:

let me know what you think! up next art-wise ... moving on to some large custom pieces, testing some new woods from that awesome VT woodworker, and some wedding print design. new lines and colors are brewing ...


the fall transition:: inspiration dump

No Other Way by Jack Johnson on Grooveshark

summer to fall, and a whole lotta change. oh, the lure and the mystery of the seasons.

what changes do you love? which are you reluctant about?

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