it's all relative

- thinking of story ideas, in the way back of my mind
- tissue paper work, printing the blocks from a few days ago- one at a time- in new colors
- testing some on wood
- hoping that all this jumping around makes sense in a few weeks. (when i'm done testing) ... uhh, will i ever be done?


the possibilities

i've been reading Art at the Speed of Life by Pam Carriker. she has some great insights, not only about being creative every day, but also about the importance of uncovering and nurturing your inner child. for art + life. above is from mine.

what do you do to let your inner child come out?

(speaking, hodgies --- my usual order of "quarter kiddie m&m with rainbow jimmies" pictured in middle--- opens this weekend!)



on friday i let go of some stuff. too many ideas....but i made room... to make more stuff. here is just the beginning of that stuff. they are just some tests. positive: ink is so deliciously thick and glossy and clear, negative: it's not drying very well. i'm going to try some new things, and make more tests. but it's so hard to finish one project when the one always brings up new ideas for another! to end on a positive: something about these is just what i have to do. and that feels good.
 this is just a good call.


beach winter

i printed these two, and they have been sitting on my desk for a while. i think i like them so much, i don't know what "to do" with them. we all put things we know we need, off, we'll do it later. we know it's good, so it can be saved while we deal with the negative. "if i did it right now, it would just be so ... right, so fun, so spiritually + emotionally calming, that i would become distractedly at ease or crazy with whim or something ridiculous and never finish all my chore-ish things and that would just be insane!" (or maybe it's just scary - what if it's not so good and it just makes things worse) either way, that's SO not helpful. all week i was doing that. today i let go of it ... stay tuned.

(more snowshoeing + winter-peeping at http://jason-gregoire.blogspot.com/)

holo holo


tissue paper

tissue paper is awesome. here are some prints + notecards. i think the tissue paper helps me see shapes and forms, and their relation to each other. it has a delicate quality that i love and i can mix colors like its paint.

merrimack projects

the process of making onesies and wall prints for my friend kaci's baby-to-be. ideas about the four seasons we are lucky to experience in new england started off, and then inspired, the last couple weeks for me. i am thinking of her today as she+tom (and me and everybody else!) patiently await merrimack's arrival.



hello! you are witnessing my first blog post ... thank you! this is a new way for me to explore and track my inspirations and artwork as well as connect with others who live a creative life, or just want to comment on it. i've been making a space for working in our apartment. it's pretty much a desk, an inspiration board, and this light.
(and of course some shells + sand)
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