new new new more more more

above, more tissue paper note cards. more more more.

below, new hand printed note cards, drying all over the place.
seriously, if a breeze came through here, i'd be screwed.  


featured artist: verne orlosk

my mom, verne orlosk, recently put up her work at east colony fine art, her first gallery representation (!!!) we're all excited, and i wanted to do a quick post about the time and date of her opening as "featured artist", where she gets extra space for brand-new work and "glass prints", amongst her regularly shown work at the gallery. 

she is featured jointly with joan tierney in a show called "visions in fused glass and acrylics"

opening reception is friday, may 13th, from 5-8 pm at east colony fine art.


papercuts by jennifer judd-mcgee

jennifer judd-mcgee is a maine-based artist and illustrator. i love her coastal inspired, nature driven patterns which she creates in mediums such as collage, pen + ink drawing, and ..... papercuts!!

i admire the intricacy of her patterns. they feel simple, happy, and graphic to look at, yet they have movement, a story, and a bigger-picture-purpose. i imagine papercutting is similar to the printmaking/reduction methods i've been experimenting with, except maybe you need a little more steady-handedness...

i'm intrigued by the way she captures life in her designs but also maintains a loose, natural, whimsical feel. you just feel something when you look at each one. it's fun to look into her work and be captured by the different emotions in each.

 ... seriously, you have to see more, here!


the "mmw" cards --- revealed!

remember this picture? behold... the fronts of those cards. they are thank you notes/birth announcements for the one and only, merrimack maple whitman. i was so happy making these, i am on a quest to make more things similar. 
they are an assortment of natural colors, and paired with light purple and kraft envelopes.



"holo baby" clam onesie and pine tree onesie
bridal shower invitations for kelly. inspired by her moroccan-colored home, her love for travel, and the coolest non-girly girl around.
first hodgies of the season. it's like summer. we only appreciate it so much, because we have to wait for it.
mexican hot chocolate brownies with cayenne pepper and cinnamon. i don't know why i had to make these, i just did. and they were awesome. (i actually made them with whole wheat flour and "splenda for baking", and it worked!)


spring time things

these are a secret for now, but soon i can show you the fronts.
i saved the best for last! this new-english baby is merrimack maple whitman. she was born to kaci + tom on April 4th, 2011.
i was lucky enough to hold her on her first day of life and i'm pretty sure she melted any snow we had left in the entire world. as kaci said, she is a "hint of summer."

p.s., i can't take credit for this precious photo. it accurately depicts the cuteness though, so i had to steal it from kaci + tom's facebook page, (photo courtesy of facebook + kaci's sister-in-law abbie
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