instagram printing possibilities

instagram- every now and then there is one that is a real keeper, some kind of accident that would be so awesome as a poster. i've always wanted to try making a big poster of something like this- here's a how-to if you're feeling this nagging too. 

**update-- funny that i just posted this, because as i did, i got a new "must" inspired by my friend kaci's instagram feed ... she made a poster of tons of instagram squares, easy over on printstagram!

anyone made things like this yet? i'll share when i do, but i would love to see your creations. seriously, go there. printstagram.
it will make you crazy with excitement for the possibilities! crap.

inspiration dump:: march-winter

Stubborn Love by The Lumineers on Grooveshark

loving this new song- aren't you?

i've been lacking (artistic, and plain ole') energy lately. it's meant to be, at 32 weeks. sometimes i fear that it'll never come back if i let it go and it must be gone for good, so i fight back trying to stay inspired and figure out how i'll get my groove back post-baby, looking back and forth at my fresh new wooden canvases and my ever-amazing hard belly baby ball, with no answer.

i thought it would be easy, maybe i'd have new motivation overflow, maybe the choice would be easy- relax instead of try to accomplish- how great!- but it's still hard to balance and get organized when my brain and body can only say "huh?" or "whatever", between inklings of normal. it's hard not to look for an answer, even though i know that's the best way. i've learned that before, that art (and life!) ebbs and flows, but that doesn't stop me from feeling the frustrations. it's a good life lesson though and i am also so excited about what it means. i know it will all change again very soon. i am learning so much, and i am ready. i must give myself credit for those things alone, and all that i have accomplished (tangible and not) while living in a baby-brain fog. a fog which may not burn off totally, but will leave me changed.

i'm currently feeling super attached to...

making sure i get in all the time i can with jay.

feeling big intense baby parts! watching them bump my belly all around, feeling bumps and squirms and big nudges all day long.

drinking (water, juice, milk, sparkling concoctions)..

getting bagels.

making passers-by smile with just my current condition.

the whole process of pregnancy- the good, the bad, and the ugly. it's the most amazing thing regardless of any ups and downs, and i am trying to savor the moments, because time is absolutely flying. 

this post made me feel better- (Third Trimester Pity Party), it explains the transformation that leaves me confused, and thankful.

and this post made me feel better, too- (What Trimester Is This? Why My First Feels Like My Third), which just explains how i feel right now including crying at the drop of a hat. thank goodness i'm not alone.

i'm grateful to have this blog as place to conjure some inspiration, and to share my life factoring into that.

Art-wise, from above:

i made a couple new littles! (and some still left at nahcotta, here. looking forward to the september 2013 show with more!)

a flyer and painting that got sent to New Hampshire Public Radio for their April 2013 Trivia Smackdown Silent Auction. My work will be featured on their site soon! more to come.

baby room bits and pieces

a sneak peek at a beach towel i've been working on for a wedding invitation client. pretty soon i will be finished with all pieces and share the whole deal.

wood chunks and canvases staring at me ... lovingly :)

thanks for reading!

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