instagram printing possibilities

instagram- every now and then there is one that is a real keeper, some kind of accident that would be so awesome as a poster. i've always wanted to try making a big poster of something like this- here's a how-to if you're feeling this nagging too. 

**update-- funny that i just posted this, because as i did, i got a new "must" inspired by my friend kaci's instagram feed ... she made a poster of tons of instagram squares, easy over on printstagram!

anyone made things like this yet? i'll share when i do, but i would love to see your creations. seriously, go there. printstagram.
it will make you crazy with excitement for the possibilities! crap.


  1. Beautiful photo! No, I haven't printed anything from Instagram yet... but I should do so soon!

  2. can't wait to see what you get printed in the next few months and years. so exciting. :)

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