back at-cha

hellO! i'm back from my hiatus of unpacking. not that we're finished. but just that i missed you people.
amongst boxes and house needs, i tried to do other things. i try to do all things, you know. one of which was spend four days getting my pile of new work up on my etsy page!

in other news, i think we're going to be crows for the halloween party at our new neighbors' house. those things have been eating our lawn, trash, and our brains since we moved in. got any good ideas about how we can create a costume of this pain in the a** spooky creature? i told jay that my childhood and family history for halloween costumes is WAY awesome, so i have to live up to it.

speaking of spooky and awesome, check out this video.


  1. Hey! Hi! Glad you are back. You and Corinne were both incommunicado for a week, I was going thru withdrawals...then bam, both of you blogged today : ) yay!
    Here are my thoughts on the crows...Jay's could be male (pants and top) and yours a black dress (I think old navy has long t shirt dresses right now). Then you can do stuff with black feathers or boas...I'll think more about it...xoxo

  2. That's crazy that we both blogged today. haha :) thanks for being one of my "people". I love your crow ideas, cheap and cute. now we just need something for the heads/beaks that isn't a mask so when we meet our neighbors for the first time they can see our eyes.

  3. Welcome back!!! I too pride myself on home-made Halloween costumes. It's all about creativity. I hate store-bought ones, so I totally love your crow idea. I'm thinking beaked hats instead of painted faces. Or you could both do hoodie sweatshirt and put big google eyes and a orange/yellow felt beak on top of the hood. Then feathers under the arms of the sweatshirt. But if you do a dress I'm seeing awesome stripped tights with black boots.

    Tracy and her man are going to the Steelers game the day before Halloween with Chris and me. Soooo we all decided to dress up: Zombie Steelers fans... gorey ones. I'm so excited.

    P.s. Can't wait to get my rooster!!

  4. AWESOME ideas!!! love em, thank you!! and i'm so excited to see pics of you guys as zombie steelers fans. so awesome!

  5. i love all the new work! especially the flickering sea print...might have to put that up in my office in a few months.


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