waiting :: new work

i always mean to post about my work more frequently. instead, every time, i end up hording it and them putting it up all at once. so, alas, here is a bunch of new work from the past couple months, all at once. some more littles, but also some new bigger pieces.

most are available on etsy. the shop will be closed for the weekend while i take all the work to my first art market-type show. it's called the vintage bazaar, in salisbury, MA. the bazaar is a little more than half vintage sellers, and the rest artisans. it's my first time doing anything like this, so i'm excited to see what i learn.

along with 50+ littles (old and new), i'm selling some recent bigger pieces that i've finished. tiny or big, they both feel good in their own way. the first six images here are larger in size, ranging from 12x12 to 24x36. and below those, you can see some of the newer littles. let me know what you think!


  1. The fourth one down is my favorite biggie and the my new fav little is "Watermelon"... and the tenth one down, too. The bubbley/spotty/dotty/circley shapes are speaking me. Love. Good luck this weekend! :)

  2. kiele.

    these are absolutely breathtaking.

    i LOVE them.

    you are so incredibly talented and wonderful.


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