wrap up:: vintage bazaar

rain, sun, rain, sun, thunder mix.

my set ups were different for saturday and then sunday. i had the help of my sister and my friend daniela, on saturday, and then my mom on sunday. (and my tent-mate heidi for the whole weekend!) they helped me arrange things differently, talked me up more than i felt like i could, brought food, and sweet company. they really made it all the more enjoyable.

it was tough to get good pictures of the tent space because of the shadows.

it's a fantastic event, with kid activities, awesome local food that was new to me, and really great vintage and artisan craft booths. a seriously unique blend of refined and funky new england vendors, like this one we came across, REGO, awesome handmade custom lighting from portland, maine.

i was one of few fine artists there, which was helpful and hurtful.

the best part was talking to people (well, letting people talk to me) about what they liked, and seeing their reaction to the colors, their favorite pieces, etc. it felt great to put my work out there in person, versus only online, to get reactions, and see people excited to take business cards.

the most interesting and memorable thing, is a new connection to a retired-teacher now-woodworker from vermont, who schemed with me about new ways to make the bases for painting my littles, and promptly sent me a box full of labeled square wood chunks, all different grains and colors and smells. can't wait to try them!


  1. So cool to see all of your stuff in one place and out to play! And that first picture of you with all of your art makes me seriously happy... :)

  2. this takes so much courage to be a part of - so proud of you! The whole display looks cohesive and impressive! Are you going to do it again next year? I'll have to visit:)


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