beach winter

i printed these two, and they have been sitting on my desk for a while. i think i like them so much, i don't know what "to do" with them. we all put things we know we need, off, we'll do it later. we know it's good, so it can be saved while we deal with the negative. "if i did it right now, it would just be so ... right, so fun, so spiritually + emotionally calming, that i would become distractedly at ease or crazy with whim or something ridiculous and never finish all my chore-ish things and that would just be insane!" (or maybe it's just scary - what if it's not so good and it just makes things worse) either way, that's SO not helpful. all week i was doing that. today i let go of it ... stay tuned.

(more snowshoeing + winter-peeping at http://jason-gregoire.blogspot.com/)

holo holo

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