the possibilities

i've been reading Art at the Speed of Life by Pam Carriker. she has some great insights, not only about being creative every day, but also about the importance of uncovering and nurturing your inner child. for art + life. above is from mine.

what do you do to let your inner child come out?

(speaking, hodgies --- my usual order of "quarter kiddie m&m with rainbow jimmies" pictured in middle--- opens this weekend!)


  1. Kiele, love, love your blog, but even more love your pics and ideas. You take something very simple, like the straws, and turn it in awesome art. You are a master! XOXO Dunja & Girls

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  3. Oops, I almost did it right, but second try at commenting here....for my inner child? I color. That is the extent of my artistic talent....but I am a good colorer.

  4. Dunja, thank you so much! i'll try to keep it up so you can keep reading :) let me know how i do! i didn't know you had a blog, that's awesome, i can't wait to see recent pics of the girls and catch up.

  5. Auntie Jess! You did it- you're commenting worked! love coloring, especially with a 150 box of crayons options! i think non-art things count too- like fun food, crazy purses, kindles + games, rock-finding, and other auntie jess specialties.


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