sap hands

working on some new pieces, but they're going a little slower than usual. i'll show you soon.

i always wish i could hone in on one thing, and then work on it nice and slowly, enjoying each moment. but i'm always rushing around while working- getting every idea out that is running through my brain. it's exhausting! it's not always a bad thing, you just have to know how to let it be fast when it's fast, and slow when it's slow. it's always in there.

in other news we went and found ... "the gregoire family christmas tree". at tonry tree farm, the dozens of different types of trees are sprawled out across many fields. the vastness and variety of the farm made us so excited, as did the people in the parking lot who were tailgating with their friends + families. definitely an idea to snag. we felt like little kids. we talked about picking out trees with our dads and siblings, decorating them with our moms. and lots of chevy chase quotes. jay even shouted one to a fellow man-foregoing-sled-to-carry-tree-on-shoulders. we thought about our non-existent little kids, and how this is a tradition that they may hate us for when they're teenagers, a tradition that we just started together this weekend, but hopefully someday when they come back around to having real thoughts about life and forgive us for being cheesy and lame, they remember that this is awesome.

play: "free" graffiti6

Free by Graffiti6 on Grooveshark


  1. such great pictures! i can't wait to get our tree :)

  2. Awe yay.. yes, awesome pics! We did the same thing, except with a chainsaw.. ;) So much fun.


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