progress update

check it out! some etsy treasuries that included my work (thank you!):

Hawaiian Air by Friendly Fires on Grooveshark

painting sticks in the basement is my new favorite thing to do:
this project was so freeing - neatness not required. only colors ideas. and i have none of the first, and an abundance of the second.
the desk floaters:
there's something about these pieces (unfinished and finished) that still hold something for me, and i'm trying to figure out what that is.

this is a desk floater also. i just can't resist looking at it.

sketchbook project:
my book for the sketchbook tour is due in january, and i'm on my way to finishing it this year. i'm trying different techniques in the book, trying to let it be whatever comes to mind, versus having it be a planned story. it reminds me of the sketchbooks i had to do as homework for high school art classes. not much about representation, and more about intuition- putting down whatever your mind is designing, without questioning. it's a good exercise. even if that looks like a 5 year old did it ... don't judge. it'll mean something someday. maybe.
an ink day:
there are so many directions. i know. and it doesn't have to all come together, but i always want it to, don't you? here's a block printing moment from last week.
my favorite (moment) is revealing what i've carved by rolling the ink over it. it's always kind of a surprise.
juxtaposition is my middle name.

what do you think?


  1. oh my gosh i am in love.

    you are so so super talented!

  2. haha- thank you, so much Jacin! which things are you into?

  3. What a fun way to play with color combos. I want to paint sticks with you in your basement!!


    And the sketch book is looking awesome too!

  4. Whenever you start to put too much pressure on yourself or start to self doubt, hit me up... I'll tell you how freaking talented you are! I'm in love with your desk floaters and your book is amazing! Keep up the great work, lady! And then make me a holo print...you've inspired me to try the wood block printing thingy:)

  5. kiele i love it all! the paintings, the striped sticks, the holo stamps. honestly, you are out of this world talented!


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