i'm still alive

are you? is anyone still there? i've been away from this blog so long that the look of it has changed. yikes. i think it's good though, it's a sleeker cleaner place to type into now, on the back end of things where i compose the posts. what have you been doing these past weeks? are you enjoying the start of spring?

i have also neglected grocery shopping. i'd like to say i have a good reason for all this forgetfulness but it's nothing other than "busy." busy is good, right?

some things i've been doing and want to share soon:
a beachy wedding logo and invitation, 2 projects for klutz, a very special engagement picture session back at old BU, a mummy's art show, a husband's music show, some little paintings and their processes, and, some new print vendors who have made me some exciting large prints of my work. it started with some fun custom size print orders and prints on canvas, and has lead me on a roll with other print ideas. check out the new big prints here.

in other news, my website will be changing soon. it needs a new host, and although i hate the thought of it, i also welcome it. change is needed for that little site. yet another way to become "busy", but spring is all about new beginnings, right? have you been busy these days? how does it make you feel?

so before i go and get myself some breakfast (i think this is the longest i've waited to eat breakfast in a long long time, i am in fact an old lady when it comes to eating, grumble grumble... i also took my multivitamin without food ..... uh oh..... ) and some more prints, and sort the supplies i bought last week and haven't opened yet (could be inspiring, could be overwhelming) ... i will say this:

"everything is at it's best when you relax." - from my yoga video which i have also neglected for too long.


  1. this is a great post, and a good way to get back into the blog. busy IS good. (and so is relaxing :)

    gorgeous prints!

  2. I'm lovin' your new stuff kiele!

  3. this is a great post kiele! i've missed your blog, which i have sadly, also been neglecting. can't wait to hear more from you :D


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