happy monday! (and happy APRIL!) i hope you had a great weekend. what did you do?

Hey Mama by Mat Kearney on Grooveshark

this weekend we fussed with the inside of our house. i think it was worth it in the end... it always just takes a little to get there.
my weekend:

framing my work. it's so expensive to get it professionally done, so it's not something i'd do all the time-- but worth it. (excited to try another big painting... this first-one-in-a-while showed me a few things... )

garlic bread - which was 100% heavenly because we never eat it, ever, because it's on big fat white bread which i usually view as the devil. but i view garlic as the master of all flavors, and jay was really excited about it so i wasn't about to shoot it down. and we made it this rachel-ray-way which was so buttery and garlicy and awesome.

"hiking", my kind of hiking. 2 mile loops, like this one in the woods with my forest guru. he is like a kid. so am i. can we just freeze time?


  1. Kiele you rock the hiking look! Love it!

  2. WOW! The mantel just looks so simple and clean how you have it... and the painting looks amazing. It makes me want to de-clutter all of my flat, horizontal surfaces. For some reason I have this complex where I think all empty space must be filled with our things. I call it 'organized clutter'. Thanks for the inspiration! And I love the hiking pics, too! And that bread, oh, that bread...


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