My process video!


last month, i worked with indiefair studios to make this time lapse video. it's me, and a new painting "Tuesday", from start to finish, in my home studio. 

it's also up in my etsy shop, here.

let me know what you think! i would love if you shared the link and show the love to indiefair, too.

1 comment:

  1. so cool!! i felt like the painting was almost a person by the end of it. my favorite part though was seeing those first tiny dabs of paint go onto your palette -- little concentrated blops of color. i finally talked to t so i will email you soon to continue our discussion!

    and a general question to the artist: how do you start your process? do you think about the lines first? or the colors? do you just start with one kernel of an idea and let it grow or do you have an overall image in your mind of what you are going to create?


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