{my first} Print Giveaway!

Update: this giveaway is still going on! 9 more days, get in while you can! see yiz soon.

Today there is a little art review + print giveaway over on Heather's Spunky Real Deals blog and facebook page. We're giving away a free print of my watercolor painting "August" on her blog. She also made me her featured artist for the month on her facebook page. Like + friend + enter to win and all that good stuff, because she's always got fun giveaways of products she tests and reviews herself, with her own stylish, sincere, spunky style. 3 cheers for inspiration! (and for August).

her art review sneak peek (featuring strawberry tide first, then the august print + more):

Spunky Real Deals


  1. What an amazing collection of work. So beautiful! Of course I would miss the Giveaway. The person who received your giveaway is going to love it! :) Visiting you back and I'm a newest follower.

  2. giveaway is still going on- 9 more days! thanks so much sherlinda for your sweet words :)


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