a messy place

yesterday, i sat down to paint for the first time in a while. highly enjoyable while doing it. then, i sort of felt no so enjoyable when i couldn't pin-point my goal. and then, that i couldn't be okay withOUT a goal. i think more trips to the ocean are in order... "Relax the Mind, Rejuvenate the Spirit, Go to the water's edge." OR. you could also go with, my other favorite quote, "the cure for anything is salt water. sweat, tears, or the sea." today i had to get out of here and go to the gym to get out of my own way. or just some sleep.
a hawaiian fish. this had a simple goal. jay's birthday, in june. but... i cracked and showed it to him when he came home. oh well, he loves it and it's just an early gift. at least now i know he likes it.

i am quote-tacular today. here is a good one:
"To be an artist means not to compute or count; it means to ripen as the tree, which does not force its sap, but stands unshaken in the storms of spring with no fear that summer might not follow. It will come regardless."


  1. Oh I love the quotes...and the fish!

  2. i think i might need a little ocean painting to put on my office wall when i start my job.

  3. ohhhh i think you should have one!


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