what what? some graphic design?

i've been idea-ing and medium-ing a lot lately. it feels so good to paint and print with my hands ... but i've also done some logos recently, and gladly, these companies have been really fun, and open to my ideas. which is rare. THANK YOU. seriously.

i am a huge fan of AMPlified Culture, run by my friend Laura Diaz. AMPlified Culture is a blog that reviews local businesses, and explores the "eat, drink, play" of Orlando. she really needs to come back to new england and start an AMPlified Culture, New England Edition. her spunk, openness and passion make for an endlessly fun + interesting blog. i'm so lucky that i got to work with Laura + Erica on this logo.

in the end, we narrowed down to three options, and they let their viewers choose the winner (below). it was really fun to watch the voting. next we're working on some blog header ideas- so stay tuned to see the logo on their website, soon. AND - they got shirts made for a weekend conference, which i love: check it out, here

RPAA- Retired Pro Athlete Assistance, is program at a law firm dedicated to helping retired professional athletes get the benefits they are entitled to for their sacrifices. i did this logo for their website and enjoyed the challenge of creating balance. it felt like right and left brain. science, medicine, law- with visual, physical, emotional representation. their website is a great resource and socially connected space.
and last but not least for today ... wedding invitations and response cards for a family friend. a simple and elegant irish-italian wedding, at a local restaurant with close family and friends, in august. maria's (kelly's mama's) house, was my second home - growing up next door. maria is wonderful, accepting, and so so loving... we go way way back. they danced the night away at my wedding, and now, i'm honored that i can help her create a feel for her's. (to a fantastically good guy, matt.) congratulations!


  1. Aw! I was so stoked to see your design for us on your blog. It's been inspirational working with you and I'm sure there are many more inspirational projects in our future! As for AMPlified Culture New England Edition– a girl can dream!

  2. glad to see you're getting to do all kinds of work. i especially like the RPAA logo.

  3. ...largely because the guy's spine is so cool!

  4. yeah it's fun, and crazy, and fun...to jump around. i envision that's how our spines look too- and merri's is even cuter. tiny tiny bubbly bendy dots. ee!

  5. Excellent work. Keep it up!


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