a common theme for me, i have always loved strawberries. not the taste, well, the taste is very good, yes, but more just the visual of a strawberry. i'm visually dyslexic sometimes- i used to call strawberries "tomatoes" and vice versa, as a kid. penguins and pigeons. you know, those things can get confusing, and their names don't matter. i kind of like it. it helps me to see why i really love it, you know, that thing, a tomato or whatever it is, it doesn't matter what you call it . but this "strawberry", i love it how it looks. my very favorite book was "the little mouse, the red ripe strawberry, and the big hungry bear"

so, here are some new strawberry cards in my etsy store

and a lovely treasury on etsy, that my cards made it into! thank you to MyFavoriteSweater and their treasury "strawberry fields forever" ... which is even more fitting when you know that i used to sing that with kelly on the swings in derry, nh.

strawberry picking should be soon, huh?

my recent uptaking with strawberries started again when it felt perfect for merrimack's "spring" onesie, hence her new nickname, she just feels like a little strawberry, but i know that "strawberry" is just something that has been sitting with me forever, and always will. maybe because i could never get it right, maybe because it means summer is here, maybe because i picked them with my mum and sister ... maybe that's what i'm going to be in my next life. i hope it's a strawberry bush right on the edge of the ocean. that exists, i know it does. right jaimie? let's start that.


  1. yay! such a good post. i will have to get that book for merri, even though she looks more like the mouse on the cover than the giant strawberry. your etsy shop looks sooo gooood!

  2. yay! thank you, thankyou thankyou. i think merri needs that book, too! i LOVE it. i think i have it actually. i can come and read it to her.


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