featured cuties (oh ya, and new tees!)

i've got some new tees + onesies up in my etsy store. check 'em out. blowfish, seahorses, crabs and lobsters ... in new sizes and colors.
AND ... use the code FREESHIPSUMMER11 to get free shipping!

i think i know my favorite part of making these tees, is seeing real live kids wear them and look happy, excited, colorful.
this is rowan. he's the son of one of jay's bandmates.
his blowfish face is rivaled throughout the world. and that faux-hawk!
can his adorableness be matched?
my goodness, it might be! i'm sure they duke it out for cuteness factor all the time, because this is rowan's cousin, jonah. (another jay bandmate babe.) he's super handsome in this coral color, i must say. and.... a seahorse. on a baby. is there anything left in life?
yes, there's this one! since we're rounding out the cuteness for the day ... merrimack is back! she's been there all long, wearing the only lobster on the site, and i can assure that you'll see her modeling other fashions in time to come. she grows and grows!

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