what we call in the business ... a weekend.

::ideas a-brewin'::

have you ever tried to paint on yupo paper? it's a synthetic paper, tear-free (and wrinkle/bend free), 100% recyclable... and it basically absorbs the paint's pigment, but not the water. (the water evaporates into the air instead of being absorbed into the paper). you can remove and completely erase areas using water and different techniques. definitely not a replacement for cotton watercolor paper... but very interesting to try.
what do you think?

p.s. noteworthy weekend reviews:

• we had a plan-less beach weekend, i recommend.

• i read the war of art by steven pressfield. full of helpful and interesting psychologies of self, and creativity. great for a new perspective. it's a fast fast read which i like... and good for any "artist, visionary, or entrepreneur" as the back cover says. very true. it's where i got that really good quote...
• cool shade finally happened, and can you fathom... my friend cold-sea-breeze stopped by to say hello!?! it was shocking and awesome.

how was your weekend?


  1. Ohmygosh!!... I'm obsessed with these shells!! I esp. love the one with all the gold/orange and brown tones. Seriously really cool.

  2. ooo I love the series of shells - true talent!!! Your weekend sounded wonderful - you found a cool sea breeze? At one point we were in the water and we thought the breeze had a hint of cool in it, but it quickly faded:) Glad you were able to relax this weekend!

  3. Love! Love! Love the oysters! Those are awesome! Are you going to sell them on etsy?

  4. thank you! come fall, i'm thinking i want to make some prints of things to put up on etsy. i'll post it here when i do!

  5. Cool! I will definitely be on the lookout!! Thank you!

  6. prints vs. originals ... thoughts? i have to do some research.


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