vacation colors

hi! i hope you're still with me. i wanted to write earlier in the week, but i was in survival mode from the heat. i tried very hard not to complain, and to live through the sweat pouring down my face and back as i sat, because i know that in the winter, those 90+ degree and humid days seem so far away and i would do anything for one. but it really is sort of an unhealthy situation. your brain doesn't even function correctly. even for me, usually water-obsessed, my brain didn't even want to tell me to drink. it just said, "uhhhhh....." "go to a store...." "wander aimlessly"... "sit and stare and don't move." "get wicked frustrated at something small and stupid."


are you taking a vacation this summer? or did you already have one? what are you doing on your vacation? i hope some of it, is "nothing".
also.. last week.. we saw donavon frankenreiter.
his music puts me into perspective every time. listen to the encore from our show.
(and while he's setting up... PLEASE enjoy his amazing pants.)
on july 4th after the storm, the colors of everything outside turned up about 65 knots. yep, i measure color in knots. it's like we were wearing rose-colored glasses except it wasn't a lie.
 sneak peek at some new block print designs for baby tees. most babies i know are not newborns anymore, so some bigger sizes+new designs/colors were necessary. i'm still making painting the priority but these will be coming to my etsy store sometime soon!
brain cakes, chocolate jimmies high + low, and the best brownies of life. all chocolateyness made by my sister and i for vacation/4th/our dad's birthday, with the aid of my bridesmaid-gifted mixer, and jaimie's organized baking (and life) skills. we also took some embarassing photos of ourselves playing cupcake wars with our light-brownish-pink "red velvet" screw-up cupcakes. awesome.


  1. Mmm, brownies! Need that recipe... wow.

  2. yeah. for real. it's not even a recipe. its just from a box! click the link to best brownies of life to seeeeee

  3. Haha! Silly me. Easy annnnd delish...

  4. Omg omg so many great things about this post. Will you teach Merri how to measure color in knots?!? We can't wait to see you next week.

  5. thank you! of course. it'll be only natural for her.


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