Bells Down

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i'm so excited that i finally get to share Jay's band's music with you. they're called Bells Down, and they recorded at indiefair a few weeks ago. now they have a facebook page where you can "like" them (please do!) and listen in the music tab. if you haven't already clicked through above, click here now!

listen to the 4 tracks, and tell me what's your favorite!

and i thought this image below was a good way to start off february. other ways i'm enjoying are these february goals and these new favorite things. happy february!
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  1. YAY! I LOVE Bells Down. My fave is "I won't always love you". I should've added that to my faves list... consider it added. ;)

    Happy February to you, and fyi: that diagram is amazing.

  2. Love. My fav is anticlimax. They're really good.

  3. Thanks! yaaay! to good to know your fave :)


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