the little table

...play "i won't always love you". ( or whatever you want. i thought i could make the choice but it turns out you can listen to ALL! )

we got a brand new big + awesome table for our dining room. which means, we are selling our smaller one. it was jay's when he lived in vermont for law school, and i always hated it. every time i went there, especially when i knew it would soon be mine, i hated on it. turns out, i adore it. it was there for us through our wedding and first apartment and into our new house. it's a very pretty color and really nice happy wood, with all kinds of loveable scratches. after the excitement of a new, big, adult table being delivered today, i got a little sad about selling the small one. i want a reason to keep it. but it would probably just be sad in the basement anyway.

in high school, i wrote a letter to all the houses i'd ever lived in (3) and it was such fun and important expression for me. i loved being able to characterize the houses, and tell them how i felt as if they were people. i'd love to share them here sometime- maybe if i do one for our apartment ... or our first house (oh, the day, when/if we ever have to leave this house... i can't even get rid of our table...) so, i could totally do that with this table... but a formal letter felt a little much. i think our little table would want just a little "ode" to the talks, feelings, and food it held up for us.

more table love ...
little table, hanging out proudly around our first anniversary. don't mind jay's sagging butt pants.
little table, we love your big chairs.
little table, remember those exeter-pittsburgh pierogies?
you look so small in that big room. 

little table, thank you for shouldering all the beautiful-wierd-awesome memories of our first dinners in our first apartment. this one, is right after we got in from hawaii, the first night we stayed in our apartment together, complete with cleaning supplies and cards and candles and thai food.
i love you little table.


  1. Awe... this make me want to cry! How sweet. Bye, bye, little table!

    P.s. I seriously can't wait to see the new, big table (don't tell the little table I said that). <3

  2. Oh so cute. We still have our first little ugly table....it has painted legs now and holds magazines and newspapers in a corner of our great room. It actually was Tim's grandparents...so don't think we will ever get rid of it. xoxoxoauntie Jess


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