a little tenderness

Try a Little Tenderness by Michael Bublé on Grooveshark

this song is a little sappy and silly, but i do think it's this week's theme. with people you love, and for yourself. it's really hard to be nice to yourself, but finding ways to do that is ultimately important. plus, the lyrics are so true.

happy (late) valentines day. i hope yours was cozy. i never experienced a more cozy one myself and now i hope that's always how they'll be. there was something so comfortable and calm about this one. and nothing to do with blankets or february or chocolate which mentally equal coziness. just a new way to enjoy. i don't know if it was year #2 of being married, or year #10 of valentines we've celebrated, but it was just right.

i wanted to share a little inspiration dump.

it's a mix of some things i want to move forward with, some that nearly killed me and i've been hating on all week, and some new realizations. just a bunch of visuals for now ... i'll share some actual finished pieces soon, some work i'm doing with the no. 27 gallery, and other fun stuff that isn't me complaining about this all being hard work. my mantra for today is that i'm creating art for me first, so i shouldn't won't put pressure on myself to know what it is, why it is, or when i'll get it. if i forget that ... i feel lost.


  1. love love love the first one! And how exciting to be working with a gallery! I love your photo dumps AND Try a Little Tenderness (Otis Redding's version) is one of my favorite songs...perfect for Valentine's:) Glad you had a cozy one!

  2. THOSE COLORS! Oh, those colors in the last 3 pics... I love.

    This song is sappy, you're right. :)

    Stay cozy, love! Missing you.

  3. Thanks peeps, i love hearing your comments!


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