inspiration:: right now

arthouse + the sketchbook project finished digitizing my sketchbook project submission... click here to see it in full! i forgot what some of it looked like, which made it embarrassing and also pretty inspiring for me to re-see.

my own personal sketchbooks are currently sitting next to me, awaiting a re-look as well. it's rewarding to steal ideas from yourself.

or  to subconsciously grab inspiration from others. your environment. anywhere you are.

snippets of my inspiration board, below.

the piece you see (a section of) here in this first image, is this collage work by mark bradford. if you like that ... then you must check him out here!

some new mini paintings. a little different, from the front lawn.

 i've been seeing a lot of my family lately. highly enjoy ...

... and looking forward to my mom's upcoming show, which has the best title, ever.

i've made a bunch of these. that's what i was doing in last week's post, too. and it was really messy, just because it's me and i make a total mess when i do anything. i'm sure you can make it be a neater process. now i have a bunch of paint-dipped everythings to pick from. vases for our new table mainly, but also leftover salt jars and photo stands from our wedding. you know, for all the times you need paint-dipped "things".

what are you inspired by right now?


  1. your posts have so many gems of inspiration - I love love love the paint dipped vases (that DIY has been on my radar and have some grand plans in the works soon. Oh, by the way, your sketchbook project came out so amazing!!!! Takes a lot of guts and talent to do something like that - go you:)

  2. I suddenly have a strong desire to paint dip everything in my house. Your sketchbook turned out awesome! AND I have your mom's gallery invite hanging on my fridge- so wish I could go!

    P.s. Love the new minis, and you!

  3. Awesome and beautiful as usual.

    I love your "dipped things".

    Wishing you a great weekend!

  4. Stunning. We are buying a house, and with that and the pressures of work and life and kids, it's difficult to be inspired. Thank you for providing me with some beautiful treasures to look at! You inspire me!


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