i've been using #palette on instagram to track my messy painting palettes over the past couple weeks. i love seeing how they change within each season, without my permission yet in my own hands. i've been noticing a similar visual interest and seasonal shift in my cutting boards, so i've been tracking those using #cuttingboardart. thinking maybe i should start putting "kiele" at the end of each so i can have the option to see just my own, but keep a generic one so i can scope everyone's #cuttingboardart at once. (how exciting, this instagram #ing!) if you have a #palette or a #pizza or a #cuttingboardart image, i invite you to join. otherwise, what else have you been #ing/instgramming and loving? just a warning, you might see these themes as features, as new art, or who knows what else as i try to keep up with myself.


  1. Oohhhh, I need to get better at #-ing...I am not good at it, this post helped me understand that better xoxo

  2. I love your palattes! Works of art in and of themselves! Beautiful!

    I'll have to find you on Instagram.


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