inspiration dump:: august edition

i'm sure my iphone is just as dirty as my big camera now. i've been using my instagram a lot lately. still not letting go of the crispness and creativity i can get at with my big camera ... so they're all mashed up below- can you tell the difference? i'm now piled under twice as many photos to sort as i was pre-iphone. the convenience of the iphone camera almost makes the mystery and lure of the big camera that much more awesome. do you agree?

Ho Hey by The Lumineers on Grooveshark

p.s.- i should mention that this song makes me cry every time. i don't even care whatever it's really about. that's how i do it with songs.

"there is greater, more complex beauty in the unexplored parts of all things, especially ourselves."

(full pieces from snippets above, available in the shop now.)

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  1. I love every single little beautiful thing about this post. :)


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