spring time things

these are a secret for now, but soon i can show you the fronts.
i saved the best for last! this new-english baby is merrimack maple whitman. she was born to kaci + tom on April 4th, 2011.
i was lucky enough to hold her on her first day of life and i'm pretty sure she melted any snow we had left in the entire world. as kaci said, she is a "hint of summer."

p.s., i can't take credit for this precious photo. it accurately depicts the cuteness though, so i had to steal it from kaci + tom's facebook page, (photo courtesy of facebook + kaci's sister-in-law abbie


  1. ohh, she is such a good spring time thing! slash hint of summer. can't wait to take more pics with you tomorrow!

  2. Sweetest picture, cutest comment beneath the picture, and fabulous name!

  3. oh, that merrimack! she's adorable!

    also, i might have to stay tuned to find out what's on the front of those...

  4. yay! i love your blog p.s., i love the way you write.

    i know, isn't her name awesome?


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