ki-ele.com (it's not me, but its SO me)

today, i worked on some logos and custom orders. more to come when those are finished but this morning, i got lost into an internet hole of colorful handmade Hawaiian items ...

i came across THIS WEBSITE, and it made my day! (is it accurately representing me, or what!?) for obvious reasons i was psyched to find this site, but also her story is good and her jewelry is simple, beach-ready and lovely (pictured above). i like the tiny pop of bright color in her pieces. i feel the need to move there, work there ... or just buy everything from the store. (KEE eh leh)
vintage bark branches by machine machine apparel, on hapa hale. I would love to try this idea! not to mention, i love machine machine's fabrics and style.

i want to live inside the banner of hapa hale's website.

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