it's all good

last night, i went with jay to an event for board members and supporters of new horizons, which happened to be at east colony fine art, where my mum just set up her fused glass work. i was so proud to be there and say "that's my mom! yep." (and, of course, to say "hi, i'm jason's wife" to other board members of manchester's soup kitchen, food pantry + shelter.) her work looks awesome in its window space, and people were very intrigued by the process. above is one that people we're asking a lot about, called moon lights. verne orlosk website and east colony site page coming soon!

there were also a lot of other inspiring pieces there. we bought a raku piece, by bob roy, at auction for new horizons.

after the event, i realized that the answer to my question yesterday is "no." i will never be done testing. i refrain from declaring what i do as an artist yet, because i am working out so much right now. and that may change courses, but the general chasing, the frustration that i haven't got it exact, that i still have more to say with my art ... will never go away. and i would never want it to! art is a lifelong process, and a fascination. like love, and the ocean.

holo holo.


  1. You inspire me :)

  2. i'm glad to hear you will never be done testing. there are too many ideas and loves not to.

  3. I just love this entire blog, but this post...ahhhh, so lovely. I was having a convo today with Corinne about the arts in general, and specifically that people who don't ever get to explore their creativity are stunted...so keep testing and exploring
    xxoo from one of your biggest fans

  4. does that mean corinne is going to explore her creative dance self soon? :) thank you so much, so so much.


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