"holo baby" clam onesie and pine tree onesie
bridal shower invitations for kelly. inspired by her moroccan-colored home, her love for travel, and the coolest non-girly girl around.
first hodgies of the season. it's like summer. we only appreciate it so much, because we have to wait for it.
mexican hot chocolate brownies with cayenne pepper and cinnamon. i don't know why i had to make these, i just did. and they were awesome. (i actually made them with whole wheat flour and "splenda for baking", and it worked!)


  1. holo baby!! i love everything in this post. hopefully i will be eating hodgies with you soon! and maybe some fried clams...i have to give mmw exposure to new english tastes early in life.

  2. Oh thank you! yes, i think friend clam and hodgies are in our near future. not i think, i KNOW. stay tuned ... i've been sorting through the photos for my "can't live withouts" from our photo session the other day :) (it's so hard to choose!) I'm away in PA this weekend but i'll post when i return. have a good weekend! hi merriiii!

  3. Please send recipe for brownies. love, Laura

  4. dear laura,
    you make my day with your kind emails. seriously.

    recipe for those came this random website:


    we need a recipe blog to share together. you were a curious cook back in those days, i can only imagine THESE days!

    love, kiele


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