full circle

mummy: 1979 Boston University Graduation
kiele: 2008 Boston University Graduation
jaimie: 2011 Boston University Graduation
like mother, like daughter (kaci and merri at salisbury beach)
merri strawberri getting her first sandy feet
bride keri giving her niece, alaina, a special lip gloss treatment

happy june!

p.s. check out my ocean stack note card featured in a fitting "beach day" etsy treasury by sincerelyabi (who makes some lovely + patterned, classic wooden toy blocks)


  1. What a lovely collection of photos and memories! Thanks for posting them!

  2. thank you for looking!

  3. Lovely....weird to see "Abi" in a comment and it's not my sister?!

  4. i know! i thought of her too when i started talking with Sincerely Abi. we should get her set up so she can comment too! she says she reads it :)


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