i want to buy this book. in the summary, i learned about Resistance, and found this quote, which i want to paint on the wall:

"We are not born with unlimited choices... Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal that we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it." 

meanwhile, i am very inspired by this book. which i just finished, but can't put down.
last week, i got outside and painted from life. here's something i started. it was certainly what i need to do more of this summer. i think i can... i think i can...

D.I.Y is not always cheaper ... but definitely more fun.
Happy 27th Birthday Jay!!! (i know someday, we'll be leaving the number out of that phrase. but even then, i still would like you to announce the age of the person who is giving me a good-morning-good-bye kiss. "hey-an 81-year-old here ... giving you a kiss.")
woah- is that me? double me's who are not me, but are me.
right now our farmer's markets have lots of seedlings and potted plants, bright crisp circley radishes, huge beets, fancy lettuces, ... and flash mobs!? .... oh, and some meat, and eggs. and soap. all pretty good for june. but look what san fran gets in june!
farmer's market + grocery store + beach garden rosemary. regardless, i just love the shapes and colors this is making...


  1. Oh I LOVE that quote about becoming who you are. And great job on the corn-hole set....I'm thinking a pilgrimage to our annual indoor corn-hole/chili cook off that Uncle Tim and I run is in order : )

  2. oh you run that!? i never knew!! in OH?

  3. i zoomed in on the pic of me and mummy and really if i wasn't me i would think that i was you. WEIRD. but i love.

  4. I know, it's crazy! i love too though :)


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