happy belated new year

well hello! how are you? how are your new year's "resolutions" coming? do you make them?

i usually reflect on the year and remind myself of some things i need to think about in the upcoming. "real" resolutions are too concrete. one of the things i'm thinking about this year is listening to my body. as i'm sure many of you do, i spend so much time tending to my mind, and not enough to my body... sitting at my desk/computer/easel all contorted and hobbit-like for hours....  insisting (to myself) that i'm superhuman and can survive for long periods of time without slowing down ... having too many focuses ... it all plays a part. but it's now actually lead me to physical therapy, doctor's appointments, massages, possible chiropractors, yoga, etc. to align myself back into where i don't have these issues that haven arisen (possibly) from ignoring my body while working. (or from some other genetic awesomeness, ... or maybe i am missing a spinal disc or something, we haven't just yet figured that out.) BUT i'm not whining, it could be worse. so i'm in the midst of a lifestyle change, re-learning how to sit here without injuring myself, and how to get things done while listening to my inner self.

amongst the past few weeks of pains + numbness, there were also many nurturing opportunities. from our christmas eve light hunt (most awesome pictured below- there was music involved- need i say more), to christmas eve (and new years!) at our new house, boxing day, lots of nerf guns, new recipes .... to the, last but not least, first keri + chris visit of 2012. words cannot be said. they are definitely the "junk of my heart" ...

Junk of the heart (Happy) by The Kooks on Grooveshark


  1. :). No words. Just :).

  2. i love this post. so much :)

    and yes i need to listen to my body too! hunching over th computer all day is no bueno. having a puppy now has helped me with getting out more often, though :)

    i think you and laura need to come visit me here in SF!

  3. I love all of these pictures, so sweet. Is that Auggie the puppy growed up?? Or another dog?? The family we got Teddy from just had a new litter of mini chocolate doodles...having a dog does for sure get you out and about moving more : ) If you ever get the hankering, I am telling you, you need to get one from this family, they are hands down the best sweetest dogs ever....even my m-i-l agrees and is thinking about one (unheard of before meeting my Ted)
    Hope the PT is going well, try to stay away from chiro unless you are legitimately stuck and need a manipulation, but it should not be an ongoing type of treatment...listen to your Auntie on this one thing, ok?! xoxoxox

  4. oh dear, do you have a bulging disk? Back problems are my domain, let me know if you need any good exercises:) I've been dealing with a bad back the last 1.5 years so I hear ya on making life changes. It's a process but it sounds like you're right on track to a better you! Plus, you adorable house, hubby and friends look like they make everything all better:)


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