recently, all mashed up

i started to pair these images with a list of the load of things going on right now, but i decided it was boring for you. instead, i'll just point out that the third one down is jay's band recording at indiefair (which i can't wait to show you! they're still editing...), and that there's some new work being started (by me). the art below is sort a collection of things i started before christmas and just finished, and some things i started earlier this week with the burst of new thoughts i get when i decide to stop dwelling on how to fix a pinched nerve and start feeling my normal life again. you can see the separation between finished, and just started. or maybe you can't- and that's good too! more to come with finished pieces soon. i also started word-vomiting lists back and forth with this one about a possible project together (but if i say too much it'll never happen, so that's all.)

and i must note- the new iron and wine is amazing. the album art is also pretty cool, i love their site right now. listen!

and also, my recent blog obsession is this girl. i especially like this post about staying inspired. it's exactly right, and exactly what we always say about it sort of being feast or famine, and it works for any type of creative mind. she focuses on blogging and how to keep up, stay excited, and let it go when you're not.

Rewrite by Paul Simon on Grooveshark

the other side of this says "we are always in choice"


  1. i love seeing your inspiration pictures!!!

  2. Awe, I want to lounge with you in the first pic. Anyway, love he new stuff! And the green dumpling things. I want to eat them. And the seagull prints make me smile. And Jay looks complete with a guitar in hand.

    Cute post.

    P.s. Our word vomit is soo working, and we're sooo gunna make it happen.

  3. awe really? thanks jacin! i'm so glad you said that :

    i agree ker, lounging, word vomit, all of it, is happening. we're certainly on our way. i'll email you later!


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