sketchbook project- complete!

here are some spreads from my sketchbook project 2012. it needs to be postmarked by january 31st and then will go on a "tour", and i've also paid to have it digitized, but for now here are some shots of it.

it started with a theme "along the line", and evolved into... this stuff.

usually, i work from photographs to help me remember the feeling and guide my lines. but in here, i decided to do everything from my head, doing whatever comes out with(out) judgement. which was a lot of line, color and some child-like doodles. i tried some new techniques + mediums and also used it as a place to put things- new inklings of ideas, quotes, or loose papers. no rules. here was the cover. here were some spreads. and here are some more before i package + mail it off (full version to come):

there are some that really push me in another direction (like these last ones) and some that i just don't know where they came from (like the first one) but maybe i will when i look back. what do you think?


  1. Awesome! Good for you! I absolutely love the very last one... the colours and patterns are so interesting! Congratulations on getting your sketchbook done!

  2. Wow I really love the quote on the first one!! These are all great!! Need to have you over on OSB real soon. =) Have a great week lady! xo

  3. Absolutely love the creativity! It makes me want to write wild words, some that go together, and some that don't... How lovely that you're sending off your work into the unknown... Very giving

  4. my favorite is the holo holo page set -- i love the colors. it reminds me of a brightly-painted wall in a hot place. almost makes me feel like i'm on the beach.


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