summer up

hello! i am back from "the dreaded lurgy" as my british grammy calls it. i haven't had the flu since i was a kid, and i think it's best that way. please.

so, sometimes it just feels like winter has nothing to give. coziness and hot chocolate. yeah yeah. i'll get back to that later. today i was driving over to deliver some cheese + chocolate to my sister at the vet hospital where she works (it's her birthday!) (that's her on the left in the last picture). and i drove by the beach. and i almost cried when i saw it. you can make fun of me, it's ok. but there's just something about the sea (or, insert other nature fascination here_______), in any form, that inspires. so much so, that all i can do to express it, is create. somehow when i'm near the sea, my mind can be in a rare state of crazy thoughtful and happily thoughtless at the same time.

the seasons are a constant inspiration, they help us change. they're beautiful, even in the winter. we just have to look out there, even if it's freezing and it doesn't even snow enough to matter and you can't go snowshoeing and your lawn is pure ice. it can be hard when we're indoors all the time because one season in particular is really stubborn. we get so used to keeping warm, shutting the door, cooking, worrying about the insides of our houses (or maybe this is all just me... ) but obviously it's a proven fact that if you can even look out the window, take a quick walk, drive, or look at pictures of nature ... it helps. nature, in any form, always inspires. it's just impossible harder to see in the dead of winter. have you had any outdoor experiences lately? i need to feed on your stories!

incidentally, "the chew" today (my favorite show to watch during lunch now) was having an episode on putting a little summer in your winter. how did they know i needed it? so, i made us a montage of outdoors and freshness. i also made a pinterest board, stay juicy.

but first, enjoy this new song:

Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club on Grooveshark


  1. I love all of the pictures. And I forgot who said it, but, remember "in the depth of winter there lies within me an endless summer". I made a little print of that last year but maybe I'll post it again tomorrow :)

    Love the inspiration, I'm with you, all I need is one glance at the beach, at a spot of grass, or something others may not give a second thought to, and I'm totally inspired.

  2. I love this post, Ki! I want summer, too!

    I've been taking a few winter/nature pics on the farm lately. The snow and sky have been so pretty in PA the past few days, but it doesn't hold a candle to these summertime colors. It will be here before you know it, though, so keep on hangin' on!

  3. Hello, pretty New England coast! I will see you soon! Thanks so much for posting these, Kiele - summer pics instantly put me in a good mood. Glad you're feeling better!

  4. oh kiele, i needed this. thank you. i hate winter with all my heart, but i have to live through many winter in my life. so i need to make nice with winter somehow and this helped me think of ways i can.

    i love your blog.


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