in like a lion

happy march! ours started with snow, which i think is a good sign. march has some pretty serious intentions. what are your march intentions?
last year, this month, i started this blog and my etsy shop. in honor of that, you can use the code: GOOGOOGAGA for 10% off any item in the store through the month of march.

above, are a bunch of prints and a pile of new business cards (printed by moo) that are being curated by no.27 gallery in sweet kuppin' cakes in rochester, nh. the no.27 gallery curates small spaces with artist prints; affordable art in a common place- i love that. i can't wait to see the prints up in action and to try the cupcakes at this bakery. it looks like the one on the website has bacon on it. all of these prints are also available in my shop.

i made some new blog + etsy headers today. summer colors are finding their way into everything i do. oh wait... they do that year round. either way- happy almost spring!


  1. i am so in love with your work, it's ridiculous! super inspiring.

  2. I can't believe it's been a year!

  3. That's a lot of snow.

    And I love your boots.

    And the new blog header is so so cool.

    And I seriously adore that your business cards are little art minis (such a clever idea)!!!

    And my March (soon/anytime/I dunno) intentions are to have a bacon cupcake at Sweet Kuppin' Cakes with you, and check out all the prints! YAY!

  4. Very cool business cards....did you want to send one or two to your Auntie Jess?? We had 71 degrees and sunny yesterday and pretty close to that today...yes, in Ohio. But tomorrow is looking tornado scary! Better get gas for my generator, one hazard of living in the woods! Xoxox

  5. Absolutely in love with your business cards! Holy smokes, you're talented and I'm so thrilled you're doing so well! Um, and even though I'm 2 hrs away from ya, I feel like we're sharing this awesome NH snowstorm:) oh, New Hammie.


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