friday color

the piece on the right precedes some work and process i want to share next week, that's better left for a monday.

for now, here are some links that i've been letting hang out on my screen (does anyone else do that?? i seriously leave them up there ((tabs and tabs)) for days. it drives jay nuts. he shuts down every little thing each time he uses his computer. mine is like a living thing.):

try this way to meditate, just click the 2 minutes and also click "hear the waves". don't login with facebook for karma points or anything-- just use it at your desk as a break reminder.

color in winter, exists!

a good short read (and blog i just discovered) about a girl who left her job in finance to pursue her love for food - and where she is a year later. my favorite part is this excerpt, "if we had a friend who doubted us as much as we, at times, doubt ourselves, we wouldn’t even speak to that person."

i wish there was a way to successfully print pinterest boards. or not, because then i'd have them all over the place not knowing what to do with them. i just love the tiny visuals all together. share your boards or pinterest names with me and feed my addiction.

four ways to kick anxiety in the ass.

a recipe illustration contest

happy weekend!

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