oh, process.

patience for the process, in all aspects of life, is something i am learning every day and will be learning, forever.

here, i always feel like i should share finished (or almost finished) pieces with you.... or that i should talk about a struggle or an excitement only when i've realized what it means, when it's all said and done. to save you from the in between.

though i work pretty quickly when i get into it, my art process often spans a few weeks. it comes out in huge spurts, and then i usually have to leave things alone, go back to them, get inspired again, or just see them with refreshed eyes, back to the core.

recently, my keri inspired me to share some of this process. it changes every time, so i think it'll be fun explore more about how i get there, and even clue myself in a little more. would you like that?

tell me. tell me if you get bored. tell me what you want to hear about.

ok ready? go. for the below... i need your help.

it started with this:
these are small, 4 inches by 4 inches, on wooden cradled boards. here, they're just painted. paint + brush, that's all.

then, i added line to them- using charcoal, graphite, or oil pastels. i did 7 of them in 2 days.

i was cool with them on their own. i intended for them to be single, small, individuals. 
but THEN .... this happened:
i put them down near each other on the floor, on a white piece of paper.  
... and made them into a grid. then pushed the grid together, and it started telling a story. i left them like this, 6 together, for a day or two. and then i went and rearranged them into millions of different versions. 2 together, 3, 4, 6 ... grids, verticals, horizontals.
i must have went back again, during better daylight, and made two sets of 3. i almost glued them together like that.
.... then came the grid again. i almost glued that together.
and now... i'm still messing around with them. so, what do you think - should they be in sets of 2, 3 or 6? i'll do more at some point, so maybe i can have it all. sets of 2, sets of 3, and some sets of 6. but you know what that means- more process- making a bunch more of them and seeing where that comes out.

if you like seeing part of the process, i'll share more steps from the start on some newer work that i also have lingering in my head.

big huge PS!- if you missed it yesterday, mel from oceanside bride did a feature on my shop! check it out - she's a great writer, she made my day, and she's also got some seriously exciting daily coastal wedding inspiration. thank you, mel!


  1. YAY (my Kiele, hehe)! Thanks for sharing your process- so so cool to see! I am l.o.v.i.n.g the 'story' grid (vertical vs. horizontal... I can't decide). And while they ARE super cute coupled together, the grid makes such a statement. So I guess it depends what you're going for. P.s. I'm seeing an extreme wall of these some day... a giant grid. 24x24 of kiele of the sea*ness. Ahh!

  2. Loving seeing your artwork in process. It's inspiring, and gets my own juices going as I think of the different stories each mix and match means. Very lovely.

    (Love the vertical and horizontal lineup, but especially the grid when there is no space between the squares. Really fun.)

  3. This is one of my all time fav posts you've ever done. So beautiful!

  4. i actually love seeing this kind of stuff! so inspiring!

  5. So beautiful! You really captured your "process" here.
    I like the sets of three... six is almost too much to take in all at once but three is perfect.

  6. you've inspired to be more vulnerable about my "process," girl. oh, and i love all 6 so... ;) when shaun and i get settled in our new city, i'm going to need to call one of your gorgeous pieces my own to remind me of my years by the ocean in San Diego.

  7. ooo, love these! I think I'm leaning towards the grid of 6 - love how it tells a story. And please share more of the process! xo


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