appreciating the sun

i think i actually was tropical storm irene this weekend. as she came closer to us, i started furrowing my brows for what seemed like no reason, and as she was right over us, i got very sad and upset and had a latest frustration dump/melt down. then when the sun started to shine and it was only drizzling, i felt a little beat up and sniffly, but relieved and squinting in the sun.

thank goodness irene was only a tropical storm around here, and not a hurricane... poor jay would have had to take shelter.

here are some recents. what do you think?


  1. ESP for sure, ;) and I love these!

  2. Can these be notecards, please?!!! Just love the colors and the movement.

  3. coming soon... stayed tuned!

  4. These are gorgeous, Kiele! I LOVE them!!


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