nh league of craftsmen

bought this little guy at the NH League of Craftsmen Fair yesterday. he's made by LuLu Fichter of Peterborough, NH. in her artist's statement explains, "Shells, bones, teeth and patterns made from tides are inspirational elements in the aesthetic vernacular of my White Ware."

this piece is a little sea-nature-wonder-pod of life and that's the only way i can describe it. i love it. i don't know where it should go in our apartment! for now, it's staying in my "studio" because it's too awesome to let it go out of my sight for the day. the photos don't even do it justice.
there was also a lot of other impressive wood-work and pottery/ceramics there. including this and this. and many, many expensive wooden kitchen tools i coveted.

ultimately, that little pod stole my heart and it makes me want to start all over and make pottery. holding it in your hand, it feels alive, a breathing ball of hope and inspiration. the way lulu threw and pinched her pots at the demo was amazing. she had such an innate feel for the clay. it's 100% accurate and inaccurate at the same time, which makes it living. AWESOME.


  1. aawww, so jealous you got to go! My mom goes each year and I was lucky enough to make it there last summer! It's always so much fun, especially when you find pretty things like this! I love it - can't wait to see what you use it for - air plants would look cool in it:)

  2. i know, there are a lot of hidden gems there! good for early christmas shopping, too. oo air plants- i love air plants but dont have one yet. i love the ones they put in sea urchins!


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