fresh from the ground

i did it, i finally signed up (again, and this time i will complete it) for this year's sketchbook project.

imagine painting something this size? it looks so real, like sitting there you could be totally consumed into another world that you're creating. i've been wanting to paint on something really big, i have a 24 by 24 canvas, but this, even bigger, is another for the idea bank. 

the farmer's market last week, was a juicy rainbow. i was so sad that i couldn't buy everything there. at least i can take some pictures, so i can look back in january and torture myself. or, i could be happy in realizing that i was witnessing such a fleeting, prosperous, delicious moment in new england life.

i got an apple cider doughnut and a "sunkist tomato". AND, i don't know why, but i was in such happy shock at the sight of all the bouquets, in ready-to-buy mason jars, with flowers i'd never seen, in many wondrous shapes and colors. it brought me back to wedding choices, thinking of all the berry-like, organic-shaped, fantasy flowers i could imagine, and learning that they actually exist. does anyone know what the fuzzy brain/coral looking flowers are below?

also pictured, a happy little "small trash", and the cutest phone pockets/money holders made by my sister. she loves when inanimate objects "announce that they are small." and is surprisingly, or not surprisingly, a crafty pants.
THIS! these yellow and pink and red fuzzy brain/coral flowers- what are they!?
 thank you and have a good day.


  1. yay!!! it's going to be amazing!

  2. Wish I knew the name of the coral-like flowers. So wild, aren't they?
    Just this last spring a friend of mine made flower arrangements for a reception I was in charge of. She included those Dr. Seussian yellow ball flowers. I was so intrigued that I bugged her for their names. It helps to know the names of things, doesn't it? He's her response--by way of the florist:
    The Latin name of the yellow ball flowers is Craspedia globosa.  Their common names including 'Billy Balls' and 'Drumsticks'. 

  3. yaaay! so glad to know the names of those balls at least. such funny names. thank you!!

  4. I know I know! Coxcomb Celosia.....love them!

  5. YES! Thank you!!!! and thank you for informing me that i can actually grow them fairly easily in a NH garden! i'm so excited.


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