snacks for laura

hi! today, i'm so excited to be !!featured!! by my bloggie-friend laura on her site, youstireme. she's a fellow style me pretty bride and NH-ite... with a wicked gorgeous wedding... and an equally gorgeous face... currently living-loving-and-inspiring daily on her blog.  i can't say enough about her passion, eye for detail, and adorably funny commentary. if you need a daily dose of pretty + happy, she's your girl. thank you laura, you made my day!

someday, we'll have a real life new england meet up, but for now... let's pretend.
i made you some snacks as a thank you gift. steamers, pretzels with chive butter, and lots of rainbow jimmies, for dessert snack. and we won't even have stomach aches after that, i promise.


  1. Kiele..this couldn't have come at a better time! This totally just made my day...thank you so much for all your mushy words and im so happy to have 'met' you in this blog world! How did you know just what to make me? The fact that you said "jimmies" brought a tear to my eye. You are too cute!


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