today: 3 inspirations

the ocean's never had a shortage of shapes (or colors) to show me.
it's what i choose to do with those visuals that matters. (and then i'm either flooded with 100 ideas, which can cancel each other out and become none. how about i get ONE idea and focus on it. good goal. but is this ever the case? would you ever want it to be?)



  1. I live by the beach and three years ago I decided that I would get myself down there at least once each week. It seemed such a silly waste to be so close and drive right by all the time...

    Anyway, I catalogue my photos on Facebook, just a few photos from each week to inspire others to get out into nature regularly, too. Your series here reminds me so much of what I love. The shapes in a wave, the colors of the water and the sand. How one week everything will be green, and how the next week there will be a ladybug hatch and the sweet little critters will be all over the driftwood and bluff plants. What a wonder the sea is.

    Anyway, this is a long comment! Just wanting to say how much I enjoyed looking at your beautiful photos and sharing in your inspiration...

  2. i totally hear you! you're so right. i have made that kind of promise to myself too, in the off season,i love to go and walk and take pictures, it's always changing and especially when there are less people around, it's so interesting. and easy, you just have to make the time! i've often thought of somehow documenting the changes week to week or day to day.

    i would love to see your facebook page!

    so glad you enjoy the ocean the way i do. thank you for such a sweet comment.


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