a smattering (sorry, that sounds gross)

help!: what do you do when you're feeling uninspired?

i take it for granted that i usually have ideas and inspiration without trying. but there are times when i need to let myself take some time to wander and come back around to something even better. words from the expert: it's ok.
still not satisfied?: take a walk, read something inspiring, have coffee.

yesterday i had some coffee and went here.

... and that stirred up my creativity, for seasons and cooking and baking... here i come. 

next up: outside. 

below =  some more stitching on paintings, testing. and trying to sew on the yupo paper. the stitching works well against the smoothness of the paper, but it's hard to not get the watercolor/pencil all smudgy when sewing on top. clearer, simpler lines would work really well. eh, next time. my favorite is the middle urchin... though it kind of looks like a pin cushion. oh well, it's meant to be a cross between a tomato, and an urchin. imagine that.
recent logo i made for a team of 12 women running the NH reach the beach relay in september. they all don't know each other directly, but though friends of friends they are all running this relay from the mountains to hampton beach. i am super impressed, for real. GOOD LUCK 6 Degrees!!

october wedding invitations for c+b. chris + becky were really fun to design for because not only are they having a small wedding, which allows for extra handmade elements, but they actually ARE the natural + spunk that i love to play with in my work. (they're a combo of these visual elements in my mind... ready?: gardens, pumpkins, smiles, big hair flowers, dirt bikes, laughter, squash, baby zion, bikram, and coffee grinds). are you feelin' it? i printed everything on kraft card stock, used hemp for the tie/&, and used brightly colored envelopes. save-the-dates for their 2-day festivities below. day 2 is a pumpkin-themed party being thrown at their home. i hope they love them, and most of all, i hope they have a happy forever filled with all those things in parentheses.
congrats c + b!!


  1. You. Uninspired? This post looks pretty inspired to me... but maybe you should take a day (or two) to do nothing on the beach. Self-inflicted pressure can eat you up inside and make your creative juices stagnant. Just relax... maybe have a margarita? That's what I would do :)

    P.s. I like how the stitching gives a cool 3-D effect to your paintings (the barnacle'ish' round stitches are my favorite). And the tomato urchin is like a cross-breed... part sea, part farm :) Which is the best mix of all time.


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