don't force it

beginning of cover for sketchbook project, my chosen theme is "along the line"
i'm working on perfecting the way i'd like to present + sell original works and prints, on my etsy shop. perfecting may be a silly thing. i'll let you know.

((did i mention we're moving, yet? YES. it's so exciting for us- our first house! it's coming right up in a couple weeks. it also means a (quick) shuffle from in-APT-studio-space to in-HOME-studio-space. awkward but perfect time to re-organize for a new slew of etsy shop pieces just in time for the holidays. and the best way to gain new light for photography. i'll still be working from home, which means, lucky you, you'll STILL be inundated with the randomness of inspiration i collect from mixing all parts of my day with all other parts of my day. *which may now include "does this work" posts about my attempt to make our house cool. or not.))

in the meantime, here's the start of my sketchbook project cover, and a bunch of little quickies. they were either one-off feelings jotted down on paper (in visuals versus words), or little pre-started pieces that i re-worked, quickly. letting something be if its annoying you, then going back to it and making it something you like-- that's another theory i'm testing out. oh, the theories. here's a good one, though, by somebody wiser than me:

"The most successful pieces are often executed in a kind of fog. The forms are usually simple and unique, and to me, evocative of someone, something, or someplace. The designs are a natural extension of this simplicity and personality. Too much thought inhibits the expression and causes the piece to look forced." -- paul schwieder


  1. Really ecxited about your big move, soon to be neighbor (hopefully)! I really like the direction of your cover, too. It's just my colors and the pink line going through it reminds me of your blog banner:)

  2. Thank you Laura! you're so sweet :)


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