helps make packing feel better. 
... we're closing on our house TOMORROW. these roosters (and more!) are making their way to etsy soon. they just take some detours, those wild roosters. i've been working in my mom's studio while we pack. it's so bright in there compared to my apartment cave. can't wait to see what a house-studio brings. 

today's rose:: dunkin donuts on a rainy packing day
today's thorn:: my pinterest "pin it" button doesn't work! i think they're on it. their facebook page has other people who are just as lost as me without their pinning abilities. i do love the page's new look, though.


  1. I really can't wait to see all the inspiration you get when you move into the new place. You get a studio? So jealous! Congrats on the closing tomorrow - you're almost a homeowner!!!!

  2. well, I get a guest room :) haha. thanks for such lovely encouragement though!!


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